The Beacon in the News

We've been fortunate to receive great publicity, whether we measure it in terms of quantity or quality. Here are some of the pieces that we're aware of. Have another example? Let us know by clicking here


Access Atlanta: "Five Major Projects That Will Reshape Atlanta Forever"

We are proud to be included among this illustrious list of projects shaping the future of our city.

"The Beacon Could Be Grant Park's Next Big Thing"

Atlanta Journal-Constitution article by Becca J. G. Godwin, August 30, 2016.

New video gives best glimpse yet of Grant Park’s ‘The Beacon Atlanta'

Curbed Atlanta's coverage of our fly-through video highlights some of the more recent developments in the project. Note that the music venue is no longer part of the experience. 

Atlanta Business Chronicle: "Entertainment District Planned in Grant Park"

Read the Atlanta Business Chronicle's initial coverage of The Beacon. We encourage you to subscribe to the ABC for the city's best business coverage. 

Atlanta Business Chronicle: "Pellerin Names New Grant Park Entertainment District 'The Beacon'"

Read the Atlanta Business Chronicle's continuing coverage of The Beacon as we first announced a name for the project. 

"Grant Park Reno Now Named 'The Beacon'"

Curbed Atlanta's article on the Beacon from April 2016.  

"1040 Grant Has Its First Tenant"

Read about The Beacon's first tenant, signed before the project was known as The Beacon Atlanta. 

"Grant Park Warehouses to Transition to Retail and Office"

Curbed Atlanta's coverage the plans for the adaptive reuse of the buildings on site.